Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Spearheaded by experienced litigator, Anthony Akiwumi, we provide effective representation throughout the litigation and dispute resolution process.

Anthony has a well-deserved reputation as a passionate advocate, who is also “technically very strong”. At the same time, he is equally renowned for his leadership and team building; his responsiveness and excellent level of service; and his commitment to providing value for money. These attributes now serve as guiding principles for Etienne Blake and are firmly installed as the hallmarks of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution service, which spans all aspects of civil litigation and white collar crime.

Our team are all qualified Civil and Commercial Mediators and, as such, we are very much alive to the benefits of alternative dispute resolution. We accept instructions to act as independent mediators ourselves, however, we are just as adept at deploying our mediation and dispute resolution skills to the benefit our clients in the course of informal negotiations as well as in the formal mediation setting.

We also have practical experience in arbitrations, most notably in the first case to be decided under the new Arbitration Law 2012, which defined the interlocutory powers of arbitrators governed by Cayman Islands law.  With the advent of a modern framework for arbitrations premised on best international practice, we are well equipped to service the projected increase in arbitral work that the Cayman Islands is now set to attract.


Our experience working in and alongside the Cayman Islands Government and our knowledge gained from appointments to numerous statutory authorities and government companies enables us to guide our clients through these complexities, identifying the right people to deal with and navigating the small but important variations in local laws.

Whether you are appearing before a public agency, requesting approvals, lobbying for policy change, petitioning for new legislation or seeking a government contract, we have the expertise to represent you.


We offer a full service Corporate Finance practice and we ensure the highest levels of service in catering to our clients’ corporate needs.

From incorporation to liquidation, Etienne Blake can assist with all aspects of corporate law regardless of whether the client is an ordinary company, an exempted company, a segregated portfolio company, an exempted limited partnership or a limited liability company.   Our corporate expertise also covers mergers, migrations (both in and out of the Cayman Islands), liaising with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority with respect to registration and regulation of our clients and also listings on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange.  With the establishment of Etienne Blake Corporate Services Limited, we are now also able to offer registered office services to our clients.

Our finance practice is wide-ranging in nature and we have considerable experience of working both on general financing transactions, such as bank re-financings, as well as bespoke, structured financings such as collateralised loan transactions, asset acquisitions and aircraft finance and leasing transactions. In addition, we provide a number of fund services ranging from the simple establishment of funds, through registration with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to funds financing transactions.      


In an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, our clients do not simply want regulatory advice; they also require compliance solutions arising from our advice.  Recognizing this need and in addition to our bespoke regulatory advice covering governance, compliance, AML and tax issues for all entities regulated and supervised by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, we now provide key personnel with relevant commercial and compliance experience to help you achieve regulatory compliance.

Led by compliance expert, Ian Comins, we can supply MLROs, DMLROs and AMLCOs and can assist with local directors and other support services needed to establish a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. 

By combining our pragmatic legal approach with a full suite of compliance services, Etienne Blake has met new regulatory challenges head-on on and continues to deliver real commercial value to its clients.

Strategic Advisory

We make it our business to understand your commercial needs and strategic objectives and our independence enables us to provide General Counsel services to a range of clients, relieving them of the need to employ expensive and often superfluous “in-house” counsel.

This facility has been welcomed by individuals, businesses and fiduciaries alike who require bespoke solutions with a prompt turnaround, many of whom are also attracted by our broad experience in both public and private sectors and how this perspective informs the strategic advice that we tender.

Through our outsourced General Counsel service, we can offer our clients all of the benefits of having an in-house counsel at an efficient and cost effective price.

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